Kaercher Portable Pressure Washer v 1.0 [SP]

Kaercher Portable Pressure Washer

Kaercher Portable Pressure Washer

Kaercher Portable Pressure Washer

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Kärcher Portable Pressure Washer V1.0 I offer you here a mobile Karcher, Kärcher this does not work as the standard Kärcher, these must first be filled with water werden.Der tank capacity is 5000 liters. allows to fill the Kärcher water on a trigger. Who built the Overload function of Marhu On his map can make this even in my hose. The Kärcher is MP Suitable and is also DediServer tested (Since you can not test everything and yet you find errors then please bescheid give)


Modell: Farmer_Andy (Andy1978)
Textur: Farmer_Andy (Andy1978)
Script: Marhu (OverloadSchlauch Script) / Kärcher Script: Ifkonator
Idee / Konzept: Farmer_Andy (Andy1978)

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