Hitachi FH200 Pack Final v 1.0

Hitachi FH200 Pack Final

Hitachi FH200 Pack Final

Hitachi FH200 Pack Final

Included are three crawler excavators and one wheel (different labeling) and three bucket for them. Power 420 hp Speed 21 km / h. Lighting, open the left door, includes wipers, electronic speedometer, mirror work, leaving traces of dust from the wheels / tracks. Buckets (2500 l. And 4500 l.). ship: wheat, canola, corn, barley, chaff, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, manure, wood chips, dirt (it is written in modDesc.xml, dirt). Bucket (2500 L). ship: potatoes, sugar beets, manure.


Pummelboer / LYUMINISHN / Serge44 / Fredzaza / Rambow145 / DC / Giants / Hugo94FR / Pummelboer

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  1. i use a joystick to control my machine but it seems to be that when i go down on my joystick it goes up on the machine and vise versa how do i fix this. Great mod though really awesome!!!!

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