Hekamp 300S Subsoiler v 1.0 [MP]

Hekamp 300S Subsoiler

Hekamp 300S Subsoiler

Hekamp 300S Subsoiler

Hekamp (NL) subsoiler, model S 300, 5 tines with shear bolt protection, tine spacing of 800 mm, zinc width 30 mm, extra heavy, sturdy design, three-point device Cat. II, Frame thickness 200 x 200 mm, frame height 880 mm, frame width 3080 mm, working width 3000 mm, replaceable plowshares, panel width above 190 mm below 100 mm, panel length 350 mm, jack stands. Weight approx 745 kg.


Model: Inter Fan
Texture: Inter Fan, Jantjetennis and Jd7530-Chris
Script: Jantjetennis
Idea / Concept: Inter Fan
Testing: Jantjetennis and Jd7530-Chris

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