Halls set for self-assembly v 1.0.1[MP]

Halls set for self-assembly

Halls set for self-assembly

Halls set for self-assembly

Another Mod to build itself, now also with different materials.

Contains 3 halls for leave of equipment and vehicles.

UniversalProcessKit must also be in the mod folder.

As with my previous mods you have to re-create zoom construction material to build the building.


Since the buildings do not have the floor plate and the trigger will only appear if one comes close I asked a billboard to Trigger … This will disappear after 5 game days. There is also a trigger for the Baufortschitt at the blackboard.

Limited progress / Day: The building can therefore no longer be completed immediately.

It is only 7:00 to 17:00 working on the construction site.

It can always be unloaded for the current construction progress only material.

Construction materials:

Chips or Wooden pallets = for all wood (as with the predecessor-Mods)

Barley = stone and concrete walls

Wheat = Other (eg metal and Fenterscheiben)

Yes, I know that no “building materials” are. but I also want players to standard Maps give you the opportunity to build the halls. Somebody should cement, sand or want to use other, one just needs everywhere “barley” or “wheat” is in the User Attributes enter his own fruit varieties. (Photo by Scenegraph I have here)

Building 1 (vehicles that are parked in this hall can not be selected with the Tab key while they are parked therein – Park Trigger installed):

Large building with doors and gates

Stein (delivery barley):

4000 wall

8000 wall

12000 wall and trigger for wood

Wood (delivery wood chips or wood pallets)

4000 wall

8000 wall

12000 wall and trigger for Others

16000 doors

20000 Goals

Others (delivery wheat)

6000 Roof and Park Trigger

12000 rear doors, windows

Building 2 = hall with small carport next:

Wood (delivery wood chips or wood pallets)

12000 walls

16000 canopy

20000 roof and trigger for Others

24000 carport

Others (delivery wheat)

4000 roof

Building 3 = shelter

Stein (delivery barley):

4000 wall and trigger for wood

Wood (delivery wood chips or wood pallets)

4000 Stayers

16000 walls and triggers for Others

Others (delivery wheat)

6000 roof part 1

10000 Roof Part 2

All buildings were building on the standard maps (but not accessible). I have worked with Blender, made accessible newly textured, disassembled and then made construction capable.

I have tested all the halls several times and it should work. Should you still get errors, or no progress reports to you.



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