Goweil RBA-Round Bale Unroller v 1.0 [MP]

Goweil RBA-Round Bale Unroller

Goweil RBA-Round Bale Unroller

Goweil RBA-Round Bale Unroller

Original link [Uploaded.net]

For direct feeding or strewing of silage, hay, and straw bales. The RBA Provides a very clean and a really fast fodder distribution with little effort. It does not produce clouds of dusts and does not throw it in the air at a high speed. The unroller is clean, simple and safe for the animals. Further More, it’s opti mally suited for, short, long, cut or uncut fodder, and even tightly compressed bales

capacity: 12000 (4000 roundbaleHay, 4000 roundbaleStraw, 4000 roundbaleSilage)

fillTypes = “forage forage_mixing grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow silage wheat_windrow barley_windrow”



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