Gaz Pack v 4.0 [MP]

Gaz Pack

Gaz Pack

Gaz Pack

“Gas Pack v4.0” for Farming Simulator 15

Corrections and additions are well known and popular events.

The pack includes:

Car GAZ 52-01. Opened the door and hood, working appliances and lighting, switchable mirror script passenger in MP.

Car GAZ 53-12. Opened the door and hood, working appliances and lighting, switchable mirror script passenger in MP.

Car-GAZ 33086. Work devices and lighting, switchable mirror script passenger in MP.

Car GAZ 66-11. Work equipment and lighting, switchable mirror script passenger in MP.

Trailer chassis IAPZ 738 to install modules.

Tipper platforms for standard crops, manure, fodder mix, fertilizer, capacity of 4500 liters, unloading on 3 sides, possible lifting of the body by pressing to unload the wood or bales.

Tipper platform with added boards to transport silage, hay, straw, feed mixture, the capacity of 10,000 liters.

Petrol drills and fertilizer spreaders AS 2UM, capacity 2,000 liters.

Tank for the transport of milk, water, sunflower oil, the capacity of 4200 liters.

Tanker for the transport and spreading of liquid manure, can fill other liquid manure tanks with a capacity of 3500 liters.

Tank-tanker, with a capacity of 2500 liters.

Van for transportation of bread and bakery products, capacity of 6000 liters.

Grocery van, there can be transported packed sunflower oil, flour, sugar, meat, sausage, whiskey, beer, canned food, yogurt, hops, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, plums, grapes, strawberries, cherries, eggplant, mushrooms, dairy products. The capacity of 8000 liters.

Tanker for the transport of live fish and water capacity of 3600 liters.

Sprayer, working width of 14 m, capacity of 3000 liters.

All the equipment gets dirty. Cars left on its road, “non-standard” tracks. To install the files and must be copied to the game folder / data / vehicles / shared with the replacement of existing in it.

The pack also contains additions fashion addMultiFruit, allows transporting dump platform, part of the pack, and other trucks and trailers extra crops, sand, gravel, lime, bran, dispenser, polsolnechnuyu husks, seeds, feed and other advanced cultures.


Modell/Textur/InGame: Du-mont, Garmash, Dronklim, Mont, TruckerStas, Konstantin, AndreyGunko, ANDREI1994, KONDOR aleks(116rus), Max1985, Eagle Dynamics, selonik, TruckerStas, sanya1970, Break, stefan, dim-dim, Silak_68, werik
Scripts: Marhu, Sven777b, Xentro, Blackdragon223, Hummel, Manuel Leithner, Templaer, Alex2009, JoXXer, StarT, dim-dim, Silak_68, werik, igor29381
Edit FS15/Scripting: Silak_68, werik

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