Food processing Pack 2 v 1.0 [MP]

Food processing Pack2

Food processing Pack2

The second package contains a placeable dairy. In this case, long-life milk is processed (from the MilkMax of Farmer_Andy) to butter. Additionally Empty pallets are required, these are made in my wood processing Pack 2 installed. Consumption is so made that, from a full palette of empty pallets (tot. 7 pallets) 7 butter pallets can also be produced.

The Buttterpaletten can be sold to a placeable Trigger (from Pack1), or with the Pack 3 (forthcoming) are further processed.

Also for the food’s own shop category.

Required Mods:

Wood processing Pack 2
placeable MilkMax of Farmer_Andy


The pack includes 2 variants. A normal Dairy and a second that can be better placed on rough road surfaces.
This mod can be installed with the GE. For further information see here


kevink98, Marhu

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