Fliegl frontloader Pack v 1.0 [MP]

Fliegl frontloader Pack

Fliegl frontloader Pack

Fliegl frontloader Pack

Original link [Uploaded.net]

Pack contains:

F Liegl blade 1.65m
F Liegl blade 2.40m
F Liegl grave 1.65m
F Liegl pitchfork 1.65m
F Liegl pitchfork 2.05m
F Liegl Greifschaufel 2.40m
F Liegl Greifschaufel 1.65m
F Liegl pruner
F Liegl bale fork
F Liegl bale fork Duplex
K Leines Betongewicht

Advanced Features:

L threads of all standard fruits
B all Attacher
A mizes
M ultiplayer Capable

The Dungabel’n & Fliegl grave can also be transported bales.

With the pruner can survive branches of trees, the cut edge of the field.



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