Dutra D4K B v 2.0 [MP]

Dutra D4K B4

Dutra D4K B4

Dutra D4K B4

I had a dream.

The other day I went so in front of me looked into the area.

Suddenly I saw a childhood memory.

A former icon of ancient agriculture.

Total waxed and run down with battered body and rusted engine.

The seat and some parts were missing, and the tires were rotten.

An idea was born.

I went to the old man who squatted on a bench at the house and suggested to him a trade.

Said and done, the pile of junk was mine.

Now it went off.

Charging and back home in the workshop.

There the thing was screwed apart. The sheet metal parts entbeult lovingly and with color.

The chassis and the drive removed and screwed together again.

A new seat and new lights were still on a shelf.

Now he stand before me.

My childhood dream of the road edge in my home village.

Large, strong and loud.

A dream come true.

The D4K B again had life in it.

Who or what is he?

It is a tractor from the 60 / 70s whilst from the former Czechoslowakei.

In the fields of the former GDR a strong bull before the plow and he was long and loud.

So people now time dreamed.

Some know him from ls 09 and further converted variants.

I rebuilt it from scratch with my available funds.

new body

new motor

animated drives and shafts

Roof can be opened via RC

partially soiled parts


new-created me sound

well and who knows what else.

The Dutra D4K B has a 6-cylinder in-line engine with 90 PS

He was driven before 4 equal size wheels with front wheel steering.

nevertheless, the very short wheelbase allowed a decent turning circle.

Its long snout demanded the driver in road traffic since something.

I bring made me old Osttechnik in LS 15th

After the GT 124 and the ZT 303 is the next tractor here on my farm.

A smart man once told: It is not important how it is done, special, it is important that it is done.

I present you once again a model available and hope he’ll kill you a bit of fun while he was plowing.



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