Deutz Fahr Agrostar 6.81 v 1.0 Beta [MP]

Deutz Fahr Agrostar 6.81

Deutz Fahr Agrostar 6.81

Deutz Fahr Agrostar 6.81

Some time ago I had ever feel and the idea to build a AgroStar 6.81 for LS15 from the orginal 6.61er. This has resulted then he is this and prior to
dust my hard drive I put it to you here available

the wheelbase, hood, tires, lights texture were Modified the front of the cab roof, rear fender, HH, etc.

Since I lacked a bit of features that folding front lower arm and operated by IC doors and windows were installed.
Here is a big thank you to Madabub whose 6.38er served as donors.

Furthermore, all figures have been adjusted in the Xml’s and breathed into him a little more power than series

Gloss was completely removed because I did not hammer out to put normal and Specularmap suddenly on the model in Maya …
Only tires and top link are washable.



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