Cornfield Miles v 0.9 [SP]

Cornfield Miles

Cornfield Miles

Cornfield Miles

Cornfield Miles

Cornfield Miles

Cornfield Miles

I hereby publish my Map “Cornfield Miles” because I just feel like more Kaine it to go on and already a new tarp. And the for-itself but only missing things like traffic or decorative elements, errors should not be the extent available, at least to me nothing for this class. Should it appear larger error, it writes in the comments or in a short PN.

At the beginning you can expect a modern but rather a smaller fleet, as well as three fields have long journeys. Thus, you do not gurgt rum with Gartenwergen on large fields, but you still what to build. But beware, there is not much floor space and hectares of land will cost you here € 70,000 (Meadows € 30.000).

This is a map to just start playing it, no great things like pole barns or new fruits. Smaller or optical things like ChoppedStaw-, GMK or Water-mod, however, are installed. It is largely helpers and Corse Play friendly, only here and there the small Lenor’s could then dochmal need help. 😉

Also installed I have I to do a camp for loose hay and straw, since it does not allow the pervormance With such large amounts of feed bales and stored, especially as it is more relaxing. ^^ The stored material can be removed by shovel or by mixer mill.

I want to thank me: BM-Modding, Katsuo, steffan30muc, Marhu, Eribus and Stefan_LS for the provision of the objects and textures that I have used. I would particularly like to thank LifadxD who helped in the creation of new textures. Should I have who forget, I beg your pardon, you also be thanked.


Holzhalle/Strohlager: BM-Modding
Kuhstall/großer Unterstand: steffan30muc
BGA-Silo: Jimkerk
Maissilo: Katsuo
Baum- und Grastextur: Stefan_LS
Terrai- und Fruchttexturen: Eribus

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7 thoughts on “Cornfield Miles v 0.9 [SP]

  1. You did an excellent job with the terrain. Is very much like our ranch here in Wyoming. Large open fields and beautiful mountain ranges. But as for being functional, bad work. Hired help can’t work fields. Too many things stop them. Trees along fields too close, fences too close, and the grass strips between fields too narrow. When a hire is working a field and they come to end of row, if their too close to next field and you don’t own that field they stop. Should have at least 3 meters (9ft) space around fields. Need to put as much thought into function as you did beauty. Also main farm too crowded, difficult to maneuver with trailers. Have opened the map in GE and corrected most issues. Otherwise works and looks great. If your play style is working alone, without hires, then this map you’ll like.

    1. I have to agree. I’ve put 50+ hours on this map and the functionality is horrible. Especially when selling your logs. It’s an obstacle course. This map has large fields so first impression is to use large “modded” seeders and cultivators. Bad idea. There is so much around the field edges that big machinery cannot operate. As for the cattle, the water mod is in place but the one water trough that’s right next to the cattle field will not allow me to fill my tanker. There’s a lake on the map that I can’t use to fill water. As much as this map is beautiful it is as much annoying.

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