BIZON Z056 v 2.0 BETA [MP]

BIZON Z056 v 2.0 BETA

BIZON Z056 v 2.0 BETA

BIZON Z056 v 2.0 BETA

Mod features:

– A real mass
– A real scale
– A real power
– Panel IC (works with both the camera’s internal and external)
– Improved Physics Driving
– Wheel Shader (bending of the tire)
– New animation dust while mowing (New PS)
– Revolving Valves
– Height adjustment Motowide?
– New Realistic Camera
– New Realistic Smoke
– Moving Wheels Belt
– Tachometer / Speedometer
– Mobile indicators and clocks
– Rooster
– Dipped beam, road and working
– Dust from under the wheels
– Leaves traces
– Mod Passenger
– Direction / Emergency
– Stop Lights

All scripts compatible with FS 15 !!!
Mod released as BETA (not completed)
File size: 29.54 MB


Original author: Marcello1942

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