Opel Astra F Caravan 1.7 TD Club v 4.0 [SP]

Opel Astra F Caravan 1.7 TD Club

Opel Astra F Caravan 1.7 TD Club

Opel Astra F Caravan 1.7 TD Club

Here I have an Opel Astra for you. This was thanks Chrstian2002 completely rebuilt. now he has finally officially in LS15. he is the first Opel in LS15, now to the amendments. it was rebuilt the interior complete. and outside with lettering, sound is org. received by Astra F TD. Unfortunately, I found only very high-quality cars, s the one must be careful that comes no scratches, there were also models that existed in Germany ned (Modhoster, LS15.com). Now I have a car you hergstellt where you do not pay attention to the Äuserliche but simply can drive. This is part of the reality. I have a template in Mobile.de Found where I can then recreate it. it looks like 24 years with signs of wear, rust, I could not add. A trailer coupling which also draws I have also mounted. He has 60 hp with a powerful turbo diesel engine. he koset you € 1071. it costs you 35 € entertaining. Some already know that with us in Bavaria an Opel Astra F 1 Million Km has cracked. and now ? ned time VW holds something out: D. Now much fun. People who need a cheap car Deutsches are right here.


Corsa D Fahrer, Modall, 3d Modell: Christian 2002

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