Bizon Z056 Old v 1.0 [MP]

Bizon Z056 Old

Bizon Z056 Old

Bizon Z056 Old

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Hello, here its my Bizon Z056, he looks very nice in game, great for smaller farms but not only for it.

He have full script, a lot of animations and particles.

Full description:

A real power
A real scale
A real mass
Tire tracks
Farmer (FS 15)
Hinged flap Reservoir (on the mouse, the left button and move right or left)
Adjustable height Motowide? (In the mouse, the left button and move up or down)
Psalm in hederze and combine
Moving Tips watches
Brake lights
Animations pulleys



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One thought on “Bizon Z056 Old v 1.0 [MP]

  1. Anyone figure out how to extend the pipe? Translated everything from Polish using Google Translate but pressing “O” just gets the popup: Unfold pipe wrap before dumping (the x key, with a tube)

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